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The enemy number one of youth face is pollution, which adds Uv ray, increasingly invasive and aggressive, and the stressful and frenetic rhythms of modem urban life. The modem urban life, in fact, subjects the skin to attacks always more aggressive giving rise to premature ageing and lack of brightness. The causes are strong oxidants which damage the health and the vitality of the skin cells. The result: the skin trace of wrinkles increasingly deep and increasingly in advance, loses its brightness and splendor, tone and compactness, in a word, is ageing prematurely.
For this, cosmetic laboratories Nature House, in line with the deepest needs of modem women have developed a innovative line anti-wrinkles, to slow down the aging process accelerated by air pollution and erase the signs of city stress from the skin as throughout the body: No Age with the pollution protection. Pollution Protection is an exclusive pool of antioxidant substances, specially formulated to oppose the oxidative injuries of the air pollution, which, in synergy with the anti-ageing Marigold extract, smoothing and anti-wrinkles, ensures a high-performance and complete treatment against ageing marks.
Soft and comfortable is suitable for cleaning and make-up remover skins more sensitive and dry, thanks to its effective returned action.
Returns intense nourishment and effective protection antiage through the intense antioxidant action or pollution protection. Soft and comfortable gives compactness and brightness, awakening on face the splendor of youth.
Revolutionary multi-active gel, formulated to combat puffiness and dark circles and preserve youth and the tone of the eye contour.
Innovative fitolifting total body high protection for a comfortable youthfulness massage of the body: remodels and invigorates the silhouette, returns to the skin brightness, softness and compactness. and gives TO the entire body young and vital looks.
Effective protection and nourishment anti-ageing to return to the skin of the hands immediate relief from dryness. cracks and loss of elasticity, combating the signs of ageing and giving softness.