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Choosing natural remedies for the well-being and the health of teeth and gums is a guarantee, when the formulas are of high-performance and innovative such as those of Natura House Oral Care line. It is a guarantee of better efficacy. A complete line to guarantee a sparkling and perfect smile, it is effective against the main mouth problems: dental plaque, tartar, decay, sensibility, halitosis, gingivitis but also for those who want to have white teeth and fresh and pleasant aroma.
The Propolis, combined with the properties of 10 medicinal herbs (Anise, Mint, Tormetil, Linden, Ratania, Plantain, Chestnut, Mallow, Mimosa, Liquorice) in a formula really rich and full studied for the real protection of teeth and bloody gums and general well-being of the whole mouth.

Refreshing and protective, with Calendula (Marigold), have a shooting action, promotes the teeth and gums health, preventing the formation of decay, tartar and plaque. The absence of Mint extract and Menthol makes this product ideal for those whom are under homeopathic treatments.

The balanced use of green Clay, Sage and 10 medicinal herbs (Tormentil, Linden, Ratania, Plantain, Mint, Liquorice, Chestnut, Mallow, Mimosa, Aloe vera) have allowed to have a formulation of a toothpaste suitable to preserve the teeth and gums health, the purity of a truly fresh breath and the safety of a white and protected enamel.

Thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of Propolis, together with active officinal herbs and fluorine ensures health and freshness of teeth and the wellbeing of throat and gums. Ideal for rinse and gargle.

Fluoridated mouthwash without Mint and Menthol, an aid in the prevention of plaque and tooth decay, with plant extracts and specific antibacterial agent. Cleans and purifies the mouth, protecting the health of gums. With essential oil of anise, particularly suitable in combination with homeopathic treatment. Alcohol free.

For freshness and total protection of your mouth. Fluoridated mouthwash, with vegetal extracts of Sage and Aloe specific antibacterial agent. Cleans and purifies the mouth, protects the health of gums. The pleasant, refreshing mint flavour, gives a fresh breath. Alcohol free.

MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Zinc citrate, sodium fluoride, Xylitol, Glycirrethinic acid, Calcium gluconate, Sodium bicarbonate, Green Clay, extracts of Sage, Tormentil, Linden, Peruvian Rhatany, Plantain, Aloe, Mint, Liquorice, Chestnut, Mallow, Tepezcohuite, Marigold, Witch Hazel and Aniseed essential oil.
The Herbal Oral Care is also a line of specific proposals, high efficacy and innovation, formulated for targeted problems.
High efficacy to face sensitivity of teeth; protects the smile from plaque, tartar and cavities without damaging the enamel; takes care of gums and whole mouth health. Herbal Extra Sensitive contents: - Calcium H-A, a special active, that binding itself per affinity to the enamel and to the dentine, repairs and reduces the micro lesions of the teeth that cause sensitivity and pain, remineralizes naturally the enamel and improves it brightness; - Zinc, Potassium, soothing actives for the protection and the relief of delicate gums; - Specific Surfactants does not irritate the mouth mucosa. Its low-abrasive cleansing base protects the integrity of the enamel.

An innovative and effective formula to oppose the teeth sensitivity and to protect the smile from plaque, tartar and cavities. Contains: Sodium Fluoride, mineralizing and decay prevention, which strengthens the enamel; Potassium Citrate, for sensitivity pain relief of teeth, and protective natural extracts. Alcohol free, with fresh and pleasant taste.

An innovative and effective formula to oppose the symptoms of gum main roblems and give freshness and purity in the whole mouth. Contains Aloe with soothing action and Clove essential oil, antiseptic and refreshing; active components useful to alleviate symptoms of gum inflammation. Alcohol free, with fresh and pleasant taste.

A new high-performance formula that cleans effectively, helping to remove stains and restoring the natural white of the teeth, thanks to its spe